A Little About Me

I’m a copywriter, creative strategist, and communications maven.

I’ve earned all those titles — and a few more, like “friend” and “colleague” — by providing top-notch copywriting and related services to agencies, businesses, and nonprofits for more than 30 years. It’s been my pleasure to work with many incredibly smart, talented people, and to help their organizations grow and thrive. My approach is simple: think strategically, perform creatively, and keep the big picture in mind while getting the details right.

My communications expertise is complemented by several years in sales and customer service for a national brand, and a background in film/video production and theater. I’m also committed to community action, having provided professional, pro bono and volunteer support to numerous nonprofit organizations over the course of my career. I currently serve as a Board Member and Committee Chair for Chatterbox Audio Theater, which has been my nonprofit “home” since 2009.

My academic background includes film studies at the University of Memphis and a degree in nonprofit management from DePaul University that I will complete in 2017.

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