How I Can Help You

My job is to make your job easier.

Going to market or seeking donations? I can craft the marketing or fundraising communications you need to reach targeted audiences and trigger the desired response.

Planning future campaigns or special projects? Let me help you sort out your strategy, objectives, and tactics.

Could your brand be stronger, or your messaging more effective? I can work with your team to create and maintain an appropriate, consistent and persuasive voice across your organization’s communications.

Need help gathering data and assessing the facts? My research services include planning and conducting interviews, market research, trends analysis, and more.

Could you use a trustworthy second opinion — or an eagle-eyed reader — for longer or more complex projects? My editing services can get you from that last draft to your final draft.

Key Capabilities

• Concepts and Copy Development • Strategic Communications Planning • Branding and Messaging • Interviews, Research and Analysis • Editing and Proofreading

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